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Because Ga. Southern is in transition this year, their stats are not officially ranked. The rankings referenced here are what they would be ranked in the NCAA - FBS.
Troy doesn't have any statistical advantages this week, and everyone has learned from our previous games this season, we have no ability to stop the run. We are ranked 117th in the country in run defense, giving up 245 ypg, and if Georgia Southern were officially ranked in the National Rankings, they would be #1 in rusing offense, gaining 402 ypg on the ground.

GSU is 7th in the country in scoring, putting almost 45 points per game on the board, while Troy has given up 39 points per game this season.

Finally, playing in Statesboro, in a Nationally televised game, is going to make the environment particulaly uninviting for Troy.

This game has the potential for Troy to have its worst day of the season. If the Troy players get down early, it may deflate any hope for salvaging the game, and a season which has already been derailed from the expectations early on this year. On the other hand, Troy's underdog position in this game may provide them with the "nothing to lose" attitude, and let the bodies fly all over.

Troy is ranging from a 20 1/2 to 27 point underdog with the Over/Under running around 63. That puts the score in roughly a 42-21 range, in favor of GSU.

Troy will pretty much have to sell out on the rush defense on first down by having 8 or 9 in the box every first down to try and get GSU into 2nd and 3rd downs with long yardage to go. This could leave the secondary vulnerable if GSU decides to go to the air on 1st down, but with so many in the box on defense, Troy may be able to also apply pressure if they can get penetration while stacking the line.

If Troy has success clogging up the run, and putting GSU into long 3rd down situations, I think this game could be close, with a leaner toward GSU by them doing what they do best....running and controlling the ball and the clock. If Troy can't contain the GSU rusing attack early on, this could get ugly early.

I think GSU wins this in a one score game.
GSU 37 - Troy 30.